EasySpider: No-Code Visual Web Crawler
An open-source, free software for designing a web scraper/browser automation test task visually in minutes.
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Suitable for Anyone in the Workplace
Design and execute web scraping/browser automation test tasks visually, just like using Excel, regardless of coding experience.
Supports Configuring Cloud Servers
Can configure a cloud server address for unified task information storage and management.
Define Any Complex Task
Supports infinite loop nesting and conditional judgments, can also execute custom JavaScript instructions and system instructions. You can insert the exit loop Break statement into any position of the flowchart.

Software Features

Open Source, Free and Ad-Free
The code is open source, all software features are free (excluding commercial use), with no pop-ups or external ads.
The software can run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
Quick and Easy
Graphical setup and execution of crawler tasks, typically a crawler task can be completed in design within 2-5 minutes.
No registration required, all tasks and data are saved locally, no third-party servers involved.
Can freely add browser extensions, execute JavaScript instructions, and directly manipulate the browser using Selenium statements.
Running Parallel Tasks
Can launch any number of execution programs, achieve large-scale data parallel acquisition.
Dynamic Debugging
Click/double-click the completed operation to automatically mark/trial run, convenient for locating and debugging issues, saving time on modifying tasks.
Custom Plugins
Supports external custom plugins to achieve any custom functionality.
Captcha Recognition
Supports multiple captcha recognition schemes, such as graphic captcha, Google reCAPTCHA, etc.
Element Screenshot and OCR Recognition
Supports element screenshots and OCR recognition, as well as image downloads.
Proxy IP
Supports tunnel IP switching, private IP, etc.
LAN Access
Can be used within a LAN without internet.
External Program Invocation
Can call any external systems to meet any complex requirements.
API Invocation
Tasks can be executed via API invocation, achieving advanced automation collection.
Scheduled Execution
Supports scheduled task execution, becomes a handy life assistant.
Pause Anytime
Can pause task execution at any time for manual debugging and captcha input.
Custom Environment
Can modify the Python environment at any time, such as defining custom letiables, and write the letiable values into any Code/XPath statement.
Mobile Device Simulation
Supports mobile device simulation, enabling mobile web page collection.
Flexible Import
Supports reading Excel files to import a large number of input parameters.
Free Export
Can export to Excel/CSV/TXT files, and supports writing into MySQL databases.
Task Migration
Tasks can be copied and moved to other machines, regardless of the operating system environment.
Page Scroll
Can set page scrolling to access content that needs scroll loading.
IFRAME Support
Supports the collection of data within iframe tags, including multi-layer nested iframes.
Cookies Modification
Can access and modify page cookies.
Command Line Execution
Tasks can be executed directly via command line, seamlessly integrated into other programs.
Headless Mode
Supports headless mode, allowing it to run in the background without opening a browser window.
Regular Expressions
Supports regular expressions, allowing the usage of regex anywhere.
Modify Web Content
Capable of modifying web content, enabling customized scraping for more precise requirements.
Code Debugging
The software comes with an embedded code execution feature, allowing direct running and debugging of Python code.
JSON Support
Supports JSON data collection.
File Download
Supports downloading files, such as images, PDFs, and compressed files.
Popup Handling
Supports handling browser Alert and Confirm popups.

Copyright and Support Author

This software is intended for educational and communication purposes only. It is strictly prohibited to use the software for any illegal activities or operations, such as crawling government/military websites that are not allowed to be crawled. The user bears all consequences resulting from the use of this software and the author shall not be held responsible or liable in any way. Furthermore, the software is protected by patent rights. If you intend to use it for commercial purposes or profit-making activities, such as using the software for client orders, selling the collected data, please contact author: naibowang@foxmail.com for patent authorization and payment operations: https://www.patentguru.com/cn/search?q=一种自定义提取流程的服务封装系统

For individual users, EasySpider is a completely free and ad-free open-source software. The development and maintenance of the software rely entirely on the author's voluntary contributions. Therefore, you can choose to support the author and enable them to have more passion and energy to maintain this software. If you have benefited from this software and made a profit, you are also welcome to support the author through the following methods:

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